How to Improve WordPress Security ?

We know as a matter of fact that having your site hacked is not fun. That is the reason, here at Universal WebTech, we consider security important.

In accordance with our genuine way to deal with security, our items are deliberately improved to be as secure as could be allowed. There are, on the other hand, still a modest bunch of potential security dangers, when running a site, that we have no power over. You, the site proprietor, need to pay consideration on these potential security dangers, with a specific end goal to keep your site safe.

Like most site proprietors, security was never top of my needs. It was just when one of my sites was hacked that I understood how regular it was for sites to be traded off by vindictive gatherings.

There are several points which should not be neglected:

Kindly go through below points to overcome from unwanted threats if you are already facing or keep this in mind for future benefits.

Do not use generic user-name and password:

This is most common thing but mostly leave undone by admins that causes unwanted threats to WordPress sites. Recetly millions of WordPress sites were hacked due to unpatched vulnerability in REST API (Which has been patched in WordPress version 4.7.2). Such ignorance can be destroying on any types of business or blogs. Do not use commonly used password for your WordPress site like 123456, password123, etc.

Login Hint should not be there:

If login-hint is enabled on your WordPress site and any time after placing a wrong password WordPress is suggesting hint, it should be removed by disabling script in function.php section using below code:

function no_wordpress_errors(){ return 'Remove or change this text'; } add_filter( 'login_errors', 'no_wordpress_errors' ); 

Enable 2FA for your WordPress:

Now, this is feature has saved lots of people around the world from potential hacking, so why don’t you enable it on WordPress site? WordPress by default not providing this feature but you can use any reliable plug-in to enable.

Plugin Security is must:

Do not ever install plugin that is from unkown resource. This simple tactic will effectively help you to stay away from intruders to pry in your own website. You can also use WordPress security plugin like WP White Security to improve security.

As per WP White Security, more than 70% of WordPress establishments are defenseless against programmer assaults and the aggregate number of hacked WordPress sites in 2012 was an incredible 170,000. This figure is developing consistently. Install All In One Wp Security and Firewall Plugin for WordPress security.

Get SSL Certificate for Safer communication:

Most of Developers are aware of SSL thing, but if not they must. Data transiting between browser and server can be pried if there isn’t a shelter of SSL. Price of SSL certs often harass site owners but gone are the days. Previously SSL could only be afforded by huge companies but now providers like SSL Shop are boon for newbies as well. So ideally every website should get the certificate and encrypt data transmission over HTTPs. Additionally Google is pushing search rankings for HTTPs websites, so this will like cherry on top moment for all website owners.

Make your systems up-to-date:

Whether it is plugin, WordPress or your physical system’s software or hardware, everything should be up-to-date to stay away from bad people. Above example of WordPress REST API vulnerability have ruined many peoples life. Updates often come after patching vulnerabilities so it must be done.


Hope this piece of content is enough impressive and containing valuable information. Next time we will come with another good topic to improve your website performance.